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My HOA board and Architectural committee have been delaying the repairs for my house for a year. I was upset that I couldn't fix my broken gates and decided that I need to take an attorney. After interviewing many attorneys that mainly said that they want to charge us hundreds of dollars per hour and pretty much said it would probably not work, I finally found Mr. Ostrove. He was kind and knowledgeable. "I love helping residents fight their HOA boards. It's not fair when residents are being treated unfairly." I hired him on the spot.During the six months of litigations, he was excellent. He followed up with the HOA attorney weekly, reminding them that the matter is not going to go away. He also kept me in the loop about the progress that he made.After 6 months, we were able to get half of the repairs done, while accumulating all the necessary paperwork that would help in small claims court.I highly recommend Mr. Ostrove to residents of HOA communities and I can't say enough good things about Mr. Ostrove: he is a person of great character and excellent personal values.

- Kelly K.

This is to highly recommend the legal services of Steven M. Ostrove Esq. As his client, I found him to be not only focused on my legal issues, but also constantly providing valuable educational information related to my case. In addition, he was very responsive to my questions, views, and wishes. Ultimately, he was able to achieve a desirable settlement without proceeding to trial. I feel most confident in recommending Mr. Ostrove for his legal knowledge and services

- Joe M.